Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Processor and Case

My Athlon 64, case, and heatsink came today. I didn't know the processor came with a heatsink or I wouldn't have spent the 20$ on one. It does look like a much better fan though, so I'm going to use the one i bought, on to the pictures:

Friday, December 16, 2005


Luckily that isn't my bowl, still a sad, sad, day.

New Computer

I just ordered a few items from my Christmas list. I'm building a new computer to replace mine, which is currently a 1.8Ghz Duron w/512mb of ram and a GF4 MX 420.

Specs for my new computer:

Overall it should be a great computer for the price, It'll definately kill my old dying computer. I'll post some pictures of it on the net when I get it all built, maybe I'll post some pics of my old computer too, which is kind of scary.

Monday, December 12, 2005

jIRC v0.1.0 Released

SourceForge approved my account so I put up the first release. You can download and find out more information at it's project page: http://sourceforge.net/projects/jircwin/.

Here is the changes:
  • New Features
    • Added /CLEAR command to clear windows.

    • Added a black 1 pixel border around the input and user listbox.

    • Added mouse wheel support on the channel text box.

    • Added support for: irc cop total, unknown connections, client count, and server count.

    • Links are now clickable, it'll detect the default browser and use that.

    • Added Disconnect to the file menu.

    • Created keyboard shortcuts for some of the menu items.

    • Added View > Menu, toggles the menu bar on or off.

    • Added View > Switchbar, toggles the switch bar on or off.

    • Changed the style of the switchbar to tabs.

    • Moved the switchbar to the top.

    • The switchbar no longer uses a fix width for the tabs, instead it'll stretch as needed.

    • The switchbar now keeps the windows maximized when you toggle between windows.

    • Now uses RichEdit v3.0 instead of v1.0, so now jIRC requires Windows 2000 or newer.

    • Now uses XP theme for all controls if available.

    • Added View > Font dialog, you can use it to change the font family and size.

    • Added the window listing under the Windows menu.

  • Bug Fixes
    • The output box now correctly sets the right background color.

    • Fixed a bug that caused bad colors in the connect info.

    • Fixed a bug that caused the output box to not use color::normal for normal text.

    • Fixed a bug that caused the first number in total channels formed to be dropped.

    • Fixed a bug that caused corrupt characters in the user list.

    • Removed the toggle visibility on the switchbar since it's buggy and doesn't work as well as it could. I plan to re-write this and add it back in a future release.

    • Fixed a bug in the listbox that caused it to crash with XP Theme style.

    • Fixed a critical bug that caused the userlist to reset after a 127 users.

    • Fixed bug #837942 part 2 from BoxedIrc's bug report. If you hit CTRL+F4 to close a maximized child window it'd leave behind the controls for the window.

    • Fixed bug #528285, it should no longer freeze, instead just quietly wait. Soon it'll have a built in identd server.

    • Fixed bug #1015222 the program now allows you to change the font and font size.

    • Fixed bug #837942 part 1, it now works like mIRC and will wait for you to enter a new nickname.

  • Misc Changes
    • Cleaned up the source tree.
    • Fixed a few errors that caused the source to not compile with VC 6 SP 5. (Bug #602888)
All of the above bug report numbers comes from BoxedIrc's bug list, you can find that here.

BitComet getting banned??

A lot of private BitTorrent trackers are starting to ban BitComet, and as a user this is upsetting. Apparently BitComet has a bug where it doesn't set the private flag using DHT (Distributed Hash Table). The private flag stops the client from seeding the torrent, therefore anyone can get a hold of a torrent from a private tracker. I hope the people behind BitComet release a patch for this, otherwise I may move to a new client.

jIRC Screen-Shots

jIRC is a IRC client for the windows operating system. It's a continuation of an existing open-source client called BoxedIrc. I've forked the last release v0.3 into jIRC, and have begun adding new features and fixing bugs. I've requested a project on SourceForge.net, so hopefully I'll get that soon and can make a release, until then here is some screen-shots of jIRC in action.

The place I was hosting the screen-shots has disapeared, you can see them at http://sourceforge.net/projects/jircwin/.