Monday, December 12, 2005

jIRC v0.1.0 Released

SourceForge approved my account so I put up the first release. You can download and find out more information at it's project page:

Here is the changes:
  • New Features
    • Added /CLEAR command to clear windows.

    • Added a black 1 pixel border around the input and user listbox.

    • Added mouse wheel support on the channel text box.

    • Added support for: irc cop total, unknown connections, client count, and server count.

    • Links are now clickable, it'll detect the default browser and use that.

    • Added Disconnect to the file menu.

    • Created keyboard shortcuts for some of the menu items.

    • Added View > Menu, toggles the menu bar on or off.

    • Added View > Switchbar, toggles the switch bar on or off.

    • Changed the style of the switchbar to tabs.

    • Moved the switchbar to the top.

    • The switchbar no longer uses a fix width for the tabs, instead it'll stretch as needed.

    • The switchbar now keeps the windows maximized when you toggle between windows.

    • Now uses RichEdit v3.0 instead of v1.0, so now jIRC requires Windows 2000 or newer.

    • Now uses XP theme for all controls if available.

    • Added View > Font dialog, you can use it to change the font family and size.

    • Added the window listing under the Windows menu.

  • Bug Fixes
    • The output box now correctly sets the right background color.

    • Fixed a bug that caused bad colors in the connect info.

    • Fixed a bug that caused the output box to not use color::normal for normal text.

    • Fixed a bug that caused the first number in total channels formed to be dropped.

    • Fixed a bug that caused corrupt characters in the user list.

    • Removed the toggle visibility on the switchbar since it's buggy and doesn't work as well as it could. I plan to re-write this and add it back in a future release.

    • Fixed a bug in the listbox that caused it to crash with XP Theme style.

    • Fixed a critical bug that caused the userlist to reset after a 127 users.

    • Fixed bug #837942 part 2 from BoxedIrc's bug report. If you hit CTRL+F4 to close a maximized child window it'd leave behind the controls for the window.

    • Fixed bug #528285, it should no longer freeze, instead just quietly wait. Soon it'll have a built in identd server.

    • Fixed bug #1015222 the program now allows you to change the font and font size.

    • Fixed bug #837942 part 1, it now works like mIRC and will wait for you to enter a new nickname.

  • Misc Changes
    • Cleaned up the source tree.
    • Fixed a few errors that caused the source to not compile with VC 6 SP 5. (Bug #602888)
All of the above bug report numbers comes from BoxedIrc's bug list, you can find that here.


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